The Northen brew maker

I have had this website for over 2 years now and feel it is time to have a good clean up.

I want to start enjoying having this tiny online space, so I am going to add little snippets of my life. After four years of university I feel it is time to remove the static academic website vibe and add a bit of my northern gallery lover take on things. From giving my little opinions on gallery exhibitions to maybe the odd what I wore to the museum that day style posts. I want to write about everything I love, I am by no means a writer or great story teller so not sure how this will work.

I have my graduation ceremony soon so you never know maybe shortly a video of me falling on stage after picking up a piece of paper may appear (I hope not).

So for my first post I am simply adding an image which I strongly agree with.

A brew and a piece of cake.

A brew and a piece of cake.

I’m of to make a brew x


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