Running Rach

IMG_0778I just felt like running – simple!

It started with a conversation between myself & Kate, basically my other half, were are not actually a couple but we may as well be we are pretty awesome together and no one else will have us! The conversation New Years New Me rubbish every year starts off with …

“I’m going to be healthier”

“I want to be more active”

“I want to do something different”

So combining all three we decided to take part in the Manchester 10k Run on May 22nd! Now I am not a runner, nor is kate, so I will be posting my epic face plant fails, binge panic moments and running don’ts up until the big day.

Recently I’ve been asked what time I’m aiming for, well to be honest I am just aiming to finish! I can not promise I will finish with an amazing time, but I can promise I will finish even if it takes me all day!

I am running the 10k in memory of my Granddad who recently passed away. I will be running an raising money for Alzheimer’s Society. Here is the link to my just giving page:

I am also running the 10k for AYME charity please use the link below to go to that just giving page too:


Off to make a brew x

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