My First 10K Run (slow jog)

On Sunday I managed my first 10k run. I have only ever done 5k runs before so this was a bit of a toughie. It was hard but not as horrible as I thought it would be, my legs lasted but I looked like a giant patchy strawberry!

I could not run or even jog the whole 10k without stopping (a lot) to power walk so my time was shocking however I made it to the end before it went dark…. just!

I ran along the canal path so the trail was completely flat for the whole 10k. The thought of running up hills is rather scary and makes my legs feel like jelly just thinking about it!         I ran all the way to my nan’s where I had cup of tea and some cake – perfect!


Thanks to my dad I am learning to pace myself. Learning to run slowly is harder then it seems, well for me anyway, however with running slower I am running for longer and improving my times little by little.

Yesterday I bought some new shiny trainers so I a hoping they will give me an extra boost on tonights 5k run in the sunshine.

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Off to make a brew x

3 thoughts on “My First 10K Run (slow jog)

  1. Yay for you! One of the hardest things I have ever had to do as a runner was to slow down my pace when I decided I wanted to run longer distances. Its worth it. Once you can run that 10k without having to power walk (though there is nothing wrong with that) you’ll be shocked at how quickly your pace will improve. Don’t shy away from those hills!!! To gain strength and speed you need to do hill repeats at least once a week. You learn to love them. Trust. Not at first. I felt like I was going to throw up my toenails and I’m a fitness professional!! Eventually you’ll be a bad ass at those hills! Good luck to you!

    1. It has been hard but I am seeing improvements which is great! Running 10k without stopping would be amazing, before January I never really ran at all (unless you can count 15 minutes on a treadmill as running). I Read your comment before I went on my 5k run this evening and I added a hill finish (small hill) but I didn’t stop, yes I understand the throwing up toenails comment now – hard work!
      Thank you very much I will keep up the hill work!

      1. Good for you!!! Trust, you WILL be running 10k at some point without stopping to walk. I was exactly like you (but much older) when I first started running. I marveled at people that could run non stop for just 5k, and at the time I started running I was a fitness trainer of 20 plus years! Running will kick your butt! Now I can run 21k without walking even once. Not that it would be a bad thing to walk. It isn’t. Each run is different and you’ve got to listen to your body. You’re not really “stopping” when you run. You merely stop running to walk. There is a whole movement called The Galloway Method. Jeff Galloway actually encourages walking when you run. You can actually improve your times when you do this. I had the opportunity to meet Jeff when I lived in Raleigh, North Carolina and he really believes in his method. You can read about it here: Drop by my page on FB called Capable Fitness with Gail. I usually put tips about running and certain exercises and drills you can do to improve your pace, endurance and foot strike. Thanks for following me on Instagram and on my personal FB page. I look forward to reading more posts about your running! Cheers!

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