AYME Charity

I’m not just running 10k to prove to myself I can do it, I am running the Manchester 10k to raise money for a charity very close to my heart.

AYME is The Association of Young People with ME (AYME) and is a UK charity that provides support for children and young people aged up to 26 who have M.E./CFS. AYME is also here to help and support parents, carers and professionals in health, education and social care. If you want to find out more about this amazing charity I have included the website link below:


This charity has given my family and I invaluable help and support.  I am very proud to be running with this vest on!

If you would like to sponsor me please click on the button below to be taken to my Just Giving page. To quote Tesco ‘Every Little Helps’. Thank You!




Also if anyone has any tips & helpful points please let me know, this running stuff is all very new to me!


Off to make a brew x



2 thoughts on “AYME Charity

  1. I do have some suggestions. Make sure you incorporate hill repeats into your training. You will not like them at first, but you will marvel at your strength as you stay consistent with them. I would also recommend that you do fartleks, which is a method where YOU determine your intervals. I posted about them on my Capable Fitness with Gail page, but you can read about them here: http://www.runnersworld.com/ask-coach-jenny/whats-the-difference-between-fartlek-tempo-and-interval-runs. I also suggest you do some tempo runs as well. Good luck to you! If you have any questions related to your running and training, just ask away.

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