7 Miles


I must admit I have been seriously lacking in motivation and energy this past week (and now a few more days) due to the large amounts of chocolate, cocktails and food consumed! I am struggling to feel guilty though as it was an amazing Easter Weekend!

10k worry and nerves are starting to loom over my head though!

I spent the best part of the weekend in windy Sheffield. I went to university there and took a trip back to see some of my closet friends, it’s a shame we don’t get to see each other more due to everyone being everywhere, but when we do it’s always a laugh- I love them!

A highlight, apart from the amazing food everywhere, was the 7 mile walk around the beautiful Peaks on Good Friday. We went up hills, climbed around to find a little hill side cave and got stuck in the mud! The weather being so perfect and the rather awesome company made 7 miles seem like nothing and went far too quickly.


Now the food! Sheffield is an amazing place for food. There are endless amounts of little places to eat, one of my personal favourites being Mud Crab along Eccy Road, you have to try the gingerbread milkshakes! Saturday morning for breakfast Rehan took us to a tiny little place called Lucky Fox -YUM! He suggested we try the fried chicken and waffles with cinnamon butter and it did not disappoint, the only downside was I did not quite mange to finish it all.

Now the fun and games are over it is back to trying to eat healthy and running 10k. The slight problem is I still have easter eggs everywhere! I have recently bought and exercise bike though (currently being used as a clothes stand) so there is no excuse to not do a little something everyday!

If you haven’t seen why I am attempting to run 10k here is my last post…

10k Charity Run

Off to make a brew x


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