Just 10k & Happy

This afternoon I started back training with a very slow little jog. I am full of a cold so my breathing was a mess and so was my red nose, but I made it off the sofa – YAY! I also had a laugh, my sister joined so we had a good giggle along the way. Another added bonus was my awesome new trainers. They supported my feet and gave me more of a bounce in my step, I am looking forward to giving them the full 10k test soon.

The 5k today was along a flat path but I am planning a 10k run this week which will include the odd little hill, once I have shaken off this cold though.

My diet however has not been great at all recently. With being ill, having some rubbish things happen in my personal life and of course Easter weekend I have found comfort in chocolate, pies, crisps and cocktails! I love food and I relish in cooking and baking new things, however I do need to swop for more healthier options and to not feel the need to finish a large sharer bag of crisps in one go on my own!

Since I started training for the Manchester run I have had many people wish me luck, offer me advice and congratulate me and I am extremely grateful to everyone. One comment though that has stuck with me, which has slightly annoyed me, is ‘just 10k’. This is true, it is a fact, I am training for a 10k run however the word ‘just’ isn’t fair. I am not a runner, I never have been, this is a hard task for me and one I am getting very red in the face with, literally. Lots of people do 10k runs a few times a week for fun and other people run marathons, unfortunately I am not one of those people. Running to the end of the road was a massive struggle when I first started and I am proud of my little steps towards being able to finish the Manchester 10k run before it goes dark. After this 10k I hope I do catch the running bug and go on to do more then ‘just’ 10k, but for now I am happy to be able to run to the end of the road without getting out of breathe (much).

If you haven’t popped over to my just giving pages please have a little look by clicking the button below, thank you!

I am running the 10k in memory of my Granddad who recently passed away. I will be running an raising money for Alzheimer’s Society. Here is the link to my just giving page:


I am also running the 10k for AYME charity please use the link below to go to that just giving page too:



Off to make a brew x

3 thoughts on “Just 10k & Happy

  1. I am actually guilty of the “just” remark to myself!! When I was asked recently about a race I had entered, I answered “oh, I am JUST running the half”. This was in response to the question: “are you running the marathon”?
    I remember a time when I thought running a 5 km would be impossible for me. There should never be a JUST used in our vocabulary when discussing any challenge we have decided to pursue!! YOU go!

    1. Thank you! I feel saying it about yourself is fine as it can show far you have come however if someone else says ‘just’ it comes across as demeaning. I hope I can get to the level of being able to run 10k without the fear of my legs falling off but for now I will settle for plodding along!

      1. Plodding along is what got me running a half marathon!!! Be careful, you’ll soon be an ultra marathoner!! 😉 Plodding is a very effective tool, just saying!

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