17 Muddy Miles

Sore bums, muddy legs, flat tires & swimming with the ducks.

I can bike for ages, running no, biking yes, I love it! I am not a massive fan of hills but I don’t shy away from them if I’m on my bike. This is due to living in the High Peak, clues in the name you can’t go anywhere without having to tackle a hill. I give hills a good go at the speed of a tortoise, slow and steady but I normally make it to the top… eventually.

This bike ride was brilliant, I meet up with two close friends and we rode along the muddy canal path. It was more or less a flat easy ride from Chinley to Marple however we did nearly end up going swimming with the ducks, well two of us did. There was a hole along the canal path and we were riding in a line so once one of us went we all nearly did, luckily none of us made an actually splash however we all came back muddy, sweaty & red faced!

By the time I got home I had legs like jelly, splattered with mud and had a bright pink face, which actually turned out to be slight sun burn. So 17 muddy miles in total & a lovely pic nic in the sun made for a perfect girlie sunday!

This year I have decided to make a change and be more active and make healthier food choices. Food wise I have really struggled. I eat my emotions and recently my emotions have been up and down like a roller coaster. I eat when I’m happy to celebrate and boy do I eat when rubbish things happen, therefore I am always eating! I love everything that is naughty from pizza to chocolate from pie to cheesecake! What I have managed to do however is be more active and I’m starting to enjoy it! I have a great set of friends and together we are taking on the challenge of being more active in fun ways. Are next fitness fix is this friday we are off to try an aerial hoop & pole class, so watch this space, mainly for the photographs of bruises and red faces!

Off to make a brew x

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