A Little Sunshine

Training for this 10k has been a very slow and hard process for me. I started off great, loved the challenge, the feeling I got when I got back off a run and the changes I started to see in my body. Now with the run less then 2 weeks away panic mode is setting in and I feel I am back to square one. I have let things effect my motivation and general confidence. Looking back I am annoyed at myself for allowing this to happen, but I have learnt some great lessons, mainly that pizza does not solve all your problems and you can actually eat too many cookies in one go!

I have had a very strange week. It started off horrible, I finally had to face a situation head on and tackle it which wasn’t fun but was needed, however after that I have weirdly had one of the best weeks I have had in a long time.

People closet to me have said I have not been myself recently, that I have been lacking in confidence, energy and motivation, looking back over the past few months I can now see where they are coming from. They were right, I have not felt myself for a while now so this week I dealt with a situation that was making me question myself and instead of locking myself away I embraced the sunshine and I have had an amazing week. This week I have not been on a run nor have I wanted to however I have loved spending time with some close friends who dragged me out to shake off the cob webs. I have a very busy few weeks coming up but now is time to focus. So with less then two weeks until the 10k everyday is going to be a day to prepare for the big day!

I have mainly spent the week in a field having pic nics, sunbathing and acting like a big kid at the park, so it does seem a little bit of sunshine makes everything better!

A little side note: I love reading people’s blogs, they can be personal blogs, cooking & baking blogs, fitness & nutrition blogs or fashion blogs, I love them all! This week I read a blog post which could not of been posted at a better time for me. Stacey Ford, a close friend of mine, has one of my favourite blogs and this week she posted about ‘Why Letting Go Is The Best Thing You Can Do’. I am letting go of fear. I have always been a worrier and an over thinker, I have let other people’s actions effect how I feel about myself which is not fun at all or healthy. I have struggled with confidence through out school and still to this day I have aloud myself to stay in situations where my confidence has been attacked. So with reading this post it is time to ‘let go’.

Here is the link to Stacey’s post/website:



Enjoy! I’m off to make a brew x


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