Where Is My Sofa

That is it now less then a week until I run (& jog & walk) the Manchester 10k. Through training I have gone from a sofa slob to a 5k runner(ish). I am currently not a 10k runner …yet however I will finish the event on sunday before it goes dark!

When I first started running getting to the end of the road was a struggle, I was out of breath, bright red and annoyed! Now I am still very red, not great at breathing but proud. I am proud I have carried on past the end of the road, past the pub on the corner, past the edge of the village and back again.

My 5k time has improved too. My first 5k times where around 45minutes, very shocking to all you runners out there I know, but that is where I started. Very recently I have been clocking my 5k runs at 29 and 28 minutes! I am not saying this is an amazing time for everyone however for me I feel like a running super star! I have not caught the running bug yet but I must say the feeling I get once I have made it back from a run is enough to make me want to go again which is always a plus.

I am very lucky as where I live is perfect for a budding runner. I live in the beautiful countryside which is filled with runners, cyclists and sheep, so many sheep! I never feel out of place  being bright red and sweaty running along the canal path or along a country lane as it is never long until you bumped into someone doing the same. With having some awesome weather recently another plus to running outside is I am actually starting to get a little tan! I never tan however this summer might be the first summer I don’t have to use fake bake thanks to running around- winning!

Tomorrow I am planning a 10k run my last attempt at 10k before the big day eeek! 6 days to go and nerves are creeping in however with Kate by my side we will at least be able to laugh at ourselves during the event!

If you would like to sponsor me please check out my Just Giving pages – every little does help! Plus I will send everyone who sponsors me a end of race selfie which promises to be sweaty red & funny!

Just Giving pages:

Alzheimer’s Society:    https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Rachel-Running-Mason

AYME Charity:    https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/Run-Rach



Thank you! Off to make a brew x


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