SW Cod With Crispy Bacon & Lentils

Slimming World Cod With Crispy Bacon & Lentils


I love cooking and baking so I recently pick up a Slimming World Meals for One book. It’s a great little book full of lots of easy meals, and some deserts, which not only taste amazing but are healthy. This is a combination I defiantly need and one I have struggled to master… until now! I am a foodie at heart and the mass majority of foods I enjoy to cook and bake aren’t on the healthy side at all, so thought I would give some Slimming World recipes ago. I am currently trying to catch the fitness/healthy bug!

Cod With Crispy Bacon & Lentils is one I was unsure I would like. I LOVE bacon, who doesn’t, but to me bacon should come with a burger, as part of a full english or with lots more bacon in a massive bacon butty! Lentils was the issue in the meal for me, I have not really every chosen to have them but they were nice, can’t say lovely as chips are lovely, lentils are nice.

This meal was very easy to cook. I added a lot more lemon to the dish, as I love cod and lemon together, but other then that I followed the recipe exactly. What really was great about the whole meal was how fresh and light it was, which was perfect as it was a sunny warm humid day. We also ate outside making it almost feel like we were sat at a beach side fish restaurant.

Next to try is ALL the puddings!!!!!!


Off to make a brew x


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