Round & Round, Up & Down

My friends and I are always on the look out for fun new ways of exercising , mainly because we love food and refuse to give up our large pieces of cake! We recently found out about Blush Dance Studio in Stockport. The studio does a range of workshops including Pole Dance Fitness, Aerial Silks, Aerial Hoop & Burlesque Dance Fitness classes, plus on the first friday of each month they have a free taster session, the session includes 45 minutes on the aerial hoop and 45 minutes on the pole. So with it only being a 30 minutes drive away we grabbed our best sports bras and gave it ago. The taster session was a great starting point, it shows you the first few simple moves on both pieces of equipment. The length of time on each is perfect too, it leaves you feeling the burn without feeling drained yet leaves you wanting just that little bit more!
We had such a giggle throughout, a big plus I think we all look for in any workout. From trying to help each other up by literally pushing each others bums up to showing our ever so cheesy sexy faces while spinning around a pole we could not stop laughing! The two female instructors were so helpful, encouraging and funny too. They pushed us to try extra moves we didn’t think we had the strength to do, making us feel just that little bit more confident. I loved both sessions, I found the hoop harder so it made for a better workout but the pole was such a good laugh. Both are great core and upper body workouts and at the time it didn’t feel like a hardcore work out but I could feel the burn the day after!
Looking back over the videos of my friends and I attempting to show off our amazing pole skills I may have to pick the pole as my favourite. I feel this is a workout class that just keeps on working, my core muscles are still getting a workout from laughing at the videos days later. Currently I’m giggling at our brilliant videos of us attempting to simply go round the pole without looking like a bunch of scared drowning worms to which we failed epically at! I may not of been the most elegant, nor the strongest and I was certainly extremely far off being able to look at all sexy on a pole but it was one of the best workout activities I’ve ever done. I highly recommend grabbing a friend and going, even if it’s just for a good giggle!
 If you want to have a cheeky look yourself here is their website:
Off to make a brew x

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