Colourful Yumminess

Everyone who knows me knows how much I love macaroons and these beauties from Ilzes are simply the tastiest prettiest ones I have ever had and seen!

Just look at them! YUM!

I first sampled these nuggets of happiness as a birthday present from my Nan. They are so yummy and come in so many different flavours, I can’t pick a favourite, also look how pretty they are. As my friend said they are very Instagram worthy! They are full of flavour, they crack when you bite into them and the fillings are light and fluffy. I need to say a massive thank you to my Nan for finding these heavenly yummy gems, they are by far the tastiest treats!

These French style macaroons are prepared when you order then dispatched the same day so very fresh, added yummy points! They say on their website that they must be consumed within 7 days which has never been an issue for me at all. The main struggle, and only issue with a box of these goodies, is picking which one to have first and which one to save for last! Their flavours include pistachio, strawberry, raspberry, English toffee, hazelnut, chocolate, lavender, lemon, passion fruit, vanilla, rock salt caramel, rose, chocolate mint, blueberry, mango and orange, apricot and almond praline, and coffee cardamom macaroons. Top picks from me are the fresh lemon, delicious rock salt caramel, classic chocolate, almond praline, vanilla and oh well all of them really!


So if you fancy trying these amazing beautiful handmade goodies here is there equally cute website:

‘Handcrafted For Happiness’

Off to make a brew x

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