They Have Balls

Day two of the conference and I was in a cake comma! It seems every scheduled coffee break they bring out a fresh batch of cakes, I don’t have the will power to say no! However it was a very busy day so I’d been telling myself I needed the sugar for energy!

We started off the morning with Cheap Date Dance Company’s performance called “Little Women, Big Balls” and to put it bluntly they had massive balls! The act was two young women and two balls. This empowering dance was comical while displaying amazing skills. This was followed by two short snippets from two plays. The first by Pentabus called “Crow” and the second called “A View From The Edge” by Owdyado Theatre, both shows were slick, funny and rather clever. I will be writing in more detail in later posts about some of the shows as there is too many to talk about all in one!

After the morning sessions we had a coffee break, where yes I ate more cake! It also gave me the chance to talk to the artists who had been and would be performing through out the week. They were all energetic and I can’t help but echo the words from the play at the start of the day “they all have big balls”. I am the sort of person who likes to work behind the scenes, sit at the back and observe kind of person, watching these artist, actors and dancers I admire their courage and self belief to get up in front of hundreds of people and perform, I know I couldn’t!

Sessions 3 & 4 included a great mix of different acts, some of which could not be present at the conference so had speakers giving us a little insight into their pieces. Acts includes “The Preston Bill” by Andy Smith and Fuel, Nigel Barrett and Lousie Mari talked about their Live Art Project for children, Verity Standen “Mmm Hmm”, Black Country Touring “Tongue Tied and Twisted” and Swivelhead by Pipeline Theatre. Then we adventured outside, I guess it is true the weather down south is a huge improvement on the North’s, we watched two performances. The first by New Art Club called “The Campervan of Love” which was followed by a mini performance down at Prince of Whales Pier called Salon du Cinema by Scary Little Girls.

For a break we went on a little boat trip around beautiful Falmouth Harbour, again I will have to do a separate Falmouth post as it is stunning down here, this was great time to pick people’s brains about their most memorable act. It was too hard to ask what everyones favourites were because each act was completely different to the next or the one before. However I am trying to get a overall view of the top picks to think about bookings for 2017 at Spring Bank Arts.

Returning back to the studios we had the honour of watching another great set of mini shows. We had a short talk from Miracle Theatre about their exciting plans and then we saw “Tales from Wild Places” by Rogue Theatre which I know my sister would of loved! These were followed by “24 UK” an extremely clever show by Near Ta Theatre, “Storm” by O Region, Odyssey by Rabbit Theatre and “Taste” by Cscape. The last section of the day included Trifle Gathering Production “Endless featuring N:Dless” and “What I Learned from Johnny Beva” by Luke Wright. Luke was a one man show that captivated the audience for his 20 minute slot from start to finish, I am desperate to track him down to find out how his story ends!

Time to get back to today where we have already seen 7 more amazing acts! While wirting this I cant help but sing “our vans better then your van, our vans better then your van….. Look at it!” Which is a VERY catchy song from The Campervan of Love.

Off for a brew x

2 thoughts on “They Have Balls

  1. Rachel this is amazing, yes you did sit at the back and try and blend in but you were always working at this blog, great piece of work well done, you have earned another piece of cake! Lovely to meet you hope you got home safely x Kathy

    1. Hello Kathy, thank you very much! Got a lot more to come but just playing catch up with work at the moment. I miss the cake! It was lovely to meet you, hope your first Live & Local event goes well, i’m sure it will! Rach x

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