Into The Country Sky

Drive until the city lights dissolve into a country sky.

Or in this case stick a pair of muddy trainers on and pick a hill!


I recently went for a stroll up to Big Stone, for anyone who has no clue about Big Stone it’s about a 5km walk from Chinley, a village in the High Peak, to basically a big stone at the top of a hill. If you are into facts and figures it has a total ascent of 192.08m and has a maximum elevation of 437.4m – yeah I googled this for you! Basically there are some parts where going on all fours to climb is totally acceptable.

I love the odd walk in the countryside and seen as I have a massive sweet tooth I need all the exercise I can get. I am a massive foodie, I live for baking cookies and naughty treats so I attempt to combat this as best I can with going on runs, bike rides and long walks up hills. Climbing, biking and dancing at the top of hills to fight back against the chub layer that comes with eating large amounts of cookies can be a giggle. Little side note if you missed my post about how to make the BEST COOKIES EVER then here is the link:

Cookie In The Oven

On the rare occasion that it isn’t chucking it down grab your friends, family or partner plus a camera and head to Big Stone. The views are stunning and on a clear day you can see The Hilton Hotel in Manchester. Thank you to my sister Hannah for capturing weird moments of strange dance moves, climbing faces and the odd look over there shots. I plan to do this walk again this Saturday so fingers crossed for some sunshine. Tanning and burning off cookie calories double win!

I will point out the tag line for this post ‘drive until the city lights dissolve into a country sky’ is taken from the beautiful song called Free by Zac Brown Band. I highly suggest dusting off your cowboy boots & having a little listen, it’s a lovely song. You should even add it to your playlist, stick your head phones in and head up a hill. When at the top slow motion dance moves, hands in the air and gaze out at the spectacular views pretending your in an awesome country music video, not that I have ever done this!


Enjoy having a walk and a boogie!

Off to make a brew x


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