Wimberry Fingers


The views from big stone are beautiful. You can see for miles all around and I can’t help but think of the Lion King scene, the whole everything the light touches part, very dramatically looking over to Manchester to see if you can make out the bold Hilton Hotel. Being surrounded by hill is both a bless and a killer on the legs. I love where I live and being able to go on short walks or long walks with stunning views from start to finish. I am becoming a oldie enjoying a mid day walk finishing with cake and a big mug of tea.

My Aunt came over from France for a visit so we all chucked on our muddy trainers and headed up the hill to Big Stone. This has became my favourite walk because it’s a steep climb but always an awesome view so makes it worth it every time. Once making it to the top you have to stand on big stone and take windy silly pictures, it’s a unwritten rule, plus you are proving you survived the cow field too! I am not a massive cow fan at all.


It’s around the first few weeks in August that wimberries are ready for hunting down and picking. I am not a huge fan as they are little balls of sharpness, I am more of a strawberry kinda girl, but when we spotted all the bushes full we all had crumble on our minds. So once we collected a few bags full we headed back and my mum made a rather yummy wimberry crumble. It was sharp, fruity, warm and just the right amount of sweetness!

Wimberry season is now apparently over and I have just learnt they are also called Bilberries which is something I have never heard of, maybe its a southern northern thing. Word of warning, picking wimberries is all fun and games until your whole family returns down the hill looking like something of a Saw film. I would suggest gloves next time unless you dig the red stained serial killer hands look.


Off to make a brew x



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