To The Lakes


To The Lakes: Part 1 

I have not actually visited the Lake District even though I only live a few hours drive away. (I must add I have just been told I was taken there when I was very little if that counts). When one of my University friends moved up there it seemed the perfect opportunity to dust off some old trainers and head over. On Saturday once everyone had recovered from a few drinks the night before we decided to go on a walk up a rather big hill, Stickle Ghyll. 

After we made it up the hill, sometimes climbing on all fours over rocks we made it to the beautiful Stickle Tarn. The little bit of text below is taken from the National Trust website:

A few minutes later as you come over the final rise, you’ll see the rewarding sight of Stickle Tarn below the stunning backdrop of Harrison Stickle and Pavey Ark. These summits together with Pike O’ Stickle once formed part of the outer rim of a massive volcano.

It was worth the climb, I can’t recommend the walk enough. I have never seen such stunning picturesque views. On my little iphone I tried to capture the brilliant landscape and I think they came out rather well, even if I say so myself, the excellent weather might of help a little too!

After we soaked up the views, fed the fish and ourselves we spilt up. The boys decided to be extra manly (crazy) and carry on climbing what looked like a death trap while Alex and I opted for a more peaceful sensible walk around the edge chasing the odd sheep.

It was a great day with breathtaking views and brilliant company. We ended the day with a massive meal of burgers and pizzas followed by lots of drinks back at Ben’s.

I will also add I had an awesome brownie for breakfast. This was simply for energy purposes for the massive walk of course.


Off for a brew x


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