I’m On A Boat And…

To The Lakes: Part Two

I’m On A Boat And… I stalled it.

Sunday morning after a few glasses of water to help clear our heads from a few too many the night before we headed out to go on a little boat trip. Ben really pushed the boat out on thinking and organising this added trip, yes pun 100% intended there! We could not of asked for better weather either for this little adventure. It was a brilliant day exploring Lake Windermere while also getting to play pirates with the help of Joe’s bow and arrow he bought the day before.

The theme song for the day was of course I’m On A Boat by The Lonely Island, everyone got it stuck in their heads all weekend, I still start singing it while looking through all the photographs from that weekend. I was rather impressed that Alex and the gang were able to sing/rap the whole song word for word while I just shouted the snippets I knew which were mainly just the ” I got my swim trunks, and my flippie-floppies” then long pause then I nailed “I’m ridin on a dolphin, doin flips and s**t”. I like to think if we were to make a music video I would be the memorable awesome mascot in the back ground that nailed the odd line perfectly, Alex would head up the band as the lead rapper with the boys as back up dancers.

If you are out and about in the lakes I highly suggest hiring a boat for a few hours to explore a stunning lake, also pick your own theme song. We all got serval turns to pilot the boat, yes I learnt off my dad that pilot is the correct term to use when stirring a boat who knew, everything was plain sailing until I got put in charge. Everyone was excellent at chasing other boats, staying straight, making perfect turns and most importantly not stalling. I stepped up and then within ten minutes I had managed to press the big red button, turns out the one your not meant to press, and the boat stalled. We came to a complete stand still, I blame my long legs as the button was under the seat, who puts a big button under a seat specially when you are not meant to press? However all was fine and just made for few a few extra laughs.

After a few hours on the lake we headed to a cute little pub called The Flying Pig where we had fish and chips before we all headed back to our home towns. It was a great weekend full of giggles, yummy food, strong drinks and the company wasn’t bad either. Bring on the next Lakes gathering, hint hint there Benjamin get planning.


Just to add who knew: pilot (n.) 1510s, “one who steers a ship”, from Middle French pillote (16c.), from Italian piloto, supposed to be an alteration of Old Italian pedoto, which usually is said to be from Medieval Greek pedotes “rudder, helmsman”, from Greek pedon “steering oar”, related to pous (genitivepodos) “foot”.

Off to make a brew x


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