The Northerner

Rachel Mason is a 25 year old Arts Administrator & blogger based in Derbyshire. After graduating with a first in Fine Art Rachel has developed a love for everything behind the scenes in the art world.  A true country girl, lover of the arts, writing and cake Rachel reviews theatre shows & exhibitions while also blogging about food & life.

I  was born in a little countryside town in Derbyshire, where to this day sheep out number the people. I lived in an old Victorian house and looking back it was a beautiful home. My childhood consisted of numerous family holidays to the windy, wet English coast; Anglesey was the spot where l loved splashing in  -0 degree sea and going rock climbing.

With my parents jobs changing so did our holidays, we started travelling further a field and instead of over packing the car we visited places where the history and culture was beautifully different. Places where your face would become tanned rather then a wind burnt red glow. I grew up Northern, and a rather typical Northern ‘lass’ too. I love the countryside and while busy cities are exciting there is something special about the countryside.

Two years ago I moved away from the picturesque countryside family home, situated at the northwestern edge of the Peak District to the city of Sheffield. There I started a four year university course, I had the most amazing, emotional and hardworking four years of my life. I loved every minute of the little university bubble life and made friends for life.

Through my postgraduate Fine Art course my practice grew from the love of making art to the love and enjoyment of exhibition development and events management. My passion for the art industry has fuelled a strong development into the Curating side. Currently I am an Arts and Activities Administrator at Spring Bank Arts.



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