Artist Statement

A little summary of my thought process.

If you get lost reading this you have worked out how I work perfectly.


A curator (from Latin: curare meaning “take care”) 


My work consists of a series of incomplete inventories of found objects such as photographs, articles and historic artifacts. Through acts of administration my practice develops through research and achieving. ‘In fact, the magic was in the blurring of art and artifacts.’

I work as a photography researcher and curator based in Derbyshire, this comprises working with artists and designers. I do not currently call myself an artist I simply call myself creative there is much less pressure this way.

The inspiration for my work could be a discarded photo album, a historical piece of photographic material or a landmark. I research places, objects and narratives to curate and compile work based around a certain item. Although there may not always be similarities in my starting points my projects are linked by the recurring subject matter of a feeling on a particular fixation. I loved to travel, the more I travel and move around the more inspired I become.

I fabricate a body of work around theories and knowledge of possessions I become attached to, not just shiny things either. My practice expands beyond the boundaries of the production of art. I often incorporate other elements including collaboration, research, editing, and image interpretation. These aspects are typically associated with curators who live in mainly galleries or museums . With the evolution of an artist/curator hybrid practice, I explore so many possibilities through research rather then producing an end product, as I feel that is very limiting and to be honest a scary notion.



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