‘have you got a good lie’

FABRICATE is an exhibition team that have recently opened submissions for a multi dimensional showcase of materials and conceptual fabrications by artists, makers, thinkers, designers, poets, or writers. We basically asked have you got a good lie, go on lie to us we will give you gallery hanging space.

The open call was for any artists who demonstrated dishonesty, disingenuity, misunderstanding, or outright lies in the physical fabrication or conceptualisation of their ideas. Successful submissions were displayed in the Arundel Room of Millennium Galleries, one of the largest and most prestigious art spaces in Sheffield. It was an honour, a scary honour, to be apart of such an amazing event.

I am co-director of this group and lead a strong group of volunteers who put together a gallery exhibition in the centre of Sheffield. We really embraced the challenges!


This exhibition was a great success and we had more then 2,000 visitors over the opening week. The comments we gained were amazing and included:

“Really interesting exhibition. very nicely presented”
“Amazing choice of artwork great diversity”
“Fascinating Project! Amazing the variety of ways each artist has approached the breif. amazing all round!”
“Interesting and thought provoking, please repeat!?”
“A brilliant collections of works – loved the different media used. An amazing journey as you walk through the gallery. Look forward to the next one!”
“This has been an amazing experience for myself and my children excellent combination of gallery and activities”

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