‘do you speak German?’

International Project


Project where UK and German Art Students took on a collaboration project, curating an exhibition at the LoBe Gallery in Berlin. We were  responsible for the promotion, branding and marketing of the exhibition. The first questions asked were do you speak English and do you speak German.

Klub Kube has been born from the collaborative efforts of two groups of students, originally a postgraduate elective from Sheffield Hallam University led by Jaspar Jaseph-Lester and a project titled ‘Und andere Orte’ led by Antonia Low involving students at HBK Braunschweig, the two sets of students now work together under the banner ‘Klub Kube’. Having only had the opportunity to meet a handful of times before working in the LoBe space the two groups of students have experimented with an exchange of objects, texts and ideas through post, and now at LoBe we expanded this collection of shared ideas and material in the back gallery room of LoBe.

In the front room we decided to focus on a project that will visually symbolise their ongoing collaborative work and dialogue, agreeing to build a table much akin to the fables of King Arthur and his round table. The idea of conversation was what we wanted to portray here, mainly because it was hard for everyone involved to be understood by everyone in the group.



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