‘some may say it’s uncanny’

Recent research project working in partnership with Dr Jill Lebihan looking at creativity within teaching and learning. Here is the theory starting point based around Winnicott I guess some may say it’s uncanny.

“Playing is the process of finding through pleasure what interests you, but it is by definition a state of transitional knowing, creative by virtue of being always inconclusive.”
(Phillips, A. (1988). Winnicott. Cambridge Mass.: Harvard Univ. Press p. 144)

The Study of the Uncanny: we were looking  at and discussed images of the ‘uncanny’. We explored the issues of discomfort, boundaries, expectations, ‘excessiveness’, toleration of anxiety, safety and the unexpected. Below are a selection of images we used, none of the images below are mine and come from a wide range of talented artists.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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